school chess coaching

Chess Lesson Structure

Chess coaching can be run before school, during lunch time, after school, or at another time requested by the school.

We work with the school to optimise the class structure to best meet the needs of the students. Using a large display board to assist, a typical class would be run as follows:

Part 1:

An initial memory exercise to help with visualisation, memory and focus. Working through problems of steadily increasing complexity, students are asked to recall aspects of a chess position from memory. Simon found this approach to be very valuable when he was younger, and it assists with many activities beyond chess. It’s also great for settling an active mind before the lesson starts. 

Part 2:

An interactive lesson on some concepts of the game. Depending on students’ abilities, topics can range from explaining the rules to more challenging concepts such as strategy, tactics, calculations, openings, endgames, etc. The syllabus is well structured and each lesson builds on the ones before it. The syllabus is continually tailored and examined to best meet students’ needs.

Part 3:

There are a few alternatives in the final part of the class. Students can strengthen their understanding of the material just presented by running through exercises in pairs or small groups, we can arrange tournaments, or students can play social games. Whatever the activity, Simon will be present to answer questions and offer advice.

Fees & Invoices

There are two options for invoicing schools and students. Central Highlands Chess lets each school decide which one best suits their needs.

Option 1

Your school is charged a fixed rate of $100 per hour (1 hour minimum). 

Option 2

Your school invoices students at a fixed rate of $10 per class and forwards the money to Central Highlands Chess. We request that at least 10 students are enrolled.