“Simon is a wonderful tutor - clever, kind and understanding. He is extremely good at explaining difficult concepts and has the ability to build rapport instantly with children. I'd recommend him to anyone whose child is finding maths challenging.” - Jacqui, Bacchus Marsh.

“Simon’s an outstanding teacher and an inspirational mentor. He is very understanding, patient and compassionate. Simon possesses a rich blend of academic and professional experience to really bring concepts to life and engage students. His ability to adapt and tailor his style to the needs of students and bring the very best out of them is second to none.” - Izham, Melbourne.

"Simon is a wonderful teacher and mentor with a rich academic and professional background. He mentored many in his professional career and always taught with utmost care, ease and patience. His ability to provide simple solutions to complex problems is truly admirable. I highly recommend him as a teacher and his students will be thankful for this opportunity for the rest of their lives." - Upama, Tarneit